The Things Holding Entrepreneurs Back

If you want to get started in business then it does need to be a passion project. It could be a hobby that you have, or something…
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Business Mistakes You Need To Avoid in 2019

They say that you don’t learn unless you make mistakes and it’s a quote that relates to all aspects of life. As a business owner, this is…
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Why Persistence Can Be The Difference Between Success and Failure

If you want to know why persistence is a necessary characteristic in leadership and in business then check out this video. I know from personal and painful…
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3 Key Things to do Before Starting a Business

Many people are realizing that their dreams are valid and it’s possible to make them a part of their reality. As a result, there is a wave…
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At What Point Do Projects Fail?

You'd be amazed at how many projects are reported green throughout the life cycle, only to go red at the end and fail.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ckYnukJIiA It looks like…
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13 Points Start-Ups Should Always Remember

In the world of business, start-ups are beginning to make up the bulk of companies who are hoping to make an impact on the market. This means…
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Number One Cause Of Business Failure

Bad leadership absolutely destroys engagement, it raises employee stress levels, it reduces their morale and ultimately it leads to failure. And these failures that can destroy your business too. I was…
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10 Mistakes Beginner Entrepreneurs Make

If this is your first go-round with starting a business, know this: you’re going to make mistakes. Successful entrepreneurs fail more often than they succeed, but they…
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10 Common Mistakes That Prevent Success

When you look at the statistics for failure the numbers are staggering! 70 percent of projects, 80 percent of first business and whopping 95 percent of product launches…
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