HR Leadership witness transition in recruitments post COVID

HR leadership post COVID changed their hiring norms and brought in the local nationals to fill in the vacancies As global pandemic brought travel to standstill, human…
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Top Priorities for HR Leaders in the 2020 Workplace

Start-up Business Team Working in Office As we are stepping into 2020, the responsibilities handled by Human Resource (HR) professionals are changing. The year 2019 marked for…
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The Human Workplace Perspective: The Future of Great Leaders

The Human Workplace Perspective: The Future of Great Leaders Image via Pexels Anyone who has been working in a traditional workplace for the past decade can see…
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6 Reasons Why Automation Could Help Your Business

Automation, robotics and technology are just terms used to try and describe all the ways our lives are being changed by electronic devices of all types. Some…
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29 Coaching Questions Which Help Drive Results!

As leaders, you need to be constantly coaching and working to developing your teams, and one of the best ways to do that is by asking questions. We…
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Why Great Leaders Trust Their Teams

There is nothing worse than working for a know-it-all-boss.  This is because they believe that the reason that they have been put in charge is that they are not only smarter than everyone else, but…
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6 Mistakes Rookie Leaders Make

The transition from technical expert to first-time leader is a difficult step and one that causes many to stumble and fail. I know this from personal experience. In fact,…
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Interview on HR Leaders Podcast

I had a great interview with Chris Rainey on his HR Leaders podcast. We covered a lot of topics, we talked about Employee Disengagement, FAST, Sales, Poor…
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