Doing whats Right!

One of the things I have always believed, is that as Leaders, we always need to do the right thing, and this is something I have always…
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Its not about the What, it’s about the Why!

People don't buy into what we do, they buy into why we do it. Why is much more important, it helps us create an emotional connection, build…
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Leadership impact

As leaders we need to understand the impact that we have and also the responsibility that comes with that. Leaders are always leaders, during every encounter, every…
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Innovation is a huge buzz word at the moment. Everywhere you look people are innovating; trying to innovate; or are being told that without innovation their company…
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Big, Bold and Inspiring Goals

As leaders it is our responsibility to set big, bold goals for our organisations. We need to challenge ourselves and our teams to constantly keep improving, striving…
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AIM for Success!

AIM: Aspiration; Inspiration; and Motivation. These are three key elements we need to fire up in order to improve our drive for success. It all starts with…
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Empowerment, Accountability, Success

Empowerment leads to increased accountability and increased accountability leads to a higher probability of success. When we delegate tasks to our staff, they do not automatically assume…
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Good to Great – Jim Collins

Good to Great by Jim Collins is one of the best books on business and leadership that I have ever read and I recommend it to all…
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Leadership beginnings

I wanted to start my blog with my first experience of leadership and the impact it had on me, my beliefs and the start of the definition…
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