Why Self Interest And Leadership Is a Bad Mix

True leadership is about serving others, not about being served. But too often we see leaders involved in self interest much to the detriment to the people…
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Leadership In Crisis

When you look at what is going on in the media regarding politics whether it's the US and Trump, or UK/EU with Brexit it feels like there…
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Results Based Leadership: Complex Truth v Simple Lies

Results Based Leadership: Complex Truth v Simple Lies I read a great article in The Guardian about Brexit and one of the points that it raised was about how…
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What Qualities Make a Great Leader?

I was asked to list just three qualities that I thought made a great leader. It's interesting that if you asked me to list 6 or 7…
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Leadership Challenges

I wrote a blog yesterday answering the question what are the biggest challenges facing a leader. http://gordontredgold.com/2013/03/17/1136/ Having thought about it some more, I think I would…
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“Horse Meat Syndrome”

The current scandal around horse meat being found in meat products in Europe got me thinking about what were the causes of this and where else might…
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Trust, the currency of Leadership

Trust is the only currency that really matters when it comes to Leadership. Our customers need to be able to trust us, they need to know that…
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Go tell it to the Marines

The following 10 Leadership Principles are looked for and trained for in the US Marines, most of these apply to all Leaders in all walks of life.…
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Trust – The Essence of Leadership

Excellent leadership video from Colin Powell on the essence of leadership. I fully agree with him that it all comes down to trust, if people don't trust…
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