Why Leaders Need To Reduce Uncertainty

Given where we are with all that is going on in the world, I thought I would update and reshare this article I wrote on uncertainty a…
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9 Qualities That Improve Your Influence

In today's troubled times, the demands that are being placed on leadership have never been higher, or the role more important. With the turmoil businesses are going…
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Quickest Way to Create a Toxic Culture and Kill Performance

Everybody has had at least one bad boss, and some of us have had many more than that. I also know that not everyone will have felt…
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How Leaders Can Quickly Change Culture

One of the most important impacts on the performance of an organization is the culture that is created by the leader. The role of culture is immense, I suspect…
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Can Online Courses Teach Your Staff Practical Skills?

Business growth is a concept that involves many different parts. For some businesses, it’s all about increasing marketing efforts and working on your visibility. In other areas,…
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Fixing Your Marketing Campaign In Three Simple Steps

Your marketing campaign needs to be at the top of its game at all times. It’s not okay to let it slip simply because your business is…
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Do You Know What Your Business Actually Needs?

Source How well do you know your business? Be totally honest with yourself here. You might assume that because you set it up and are guiding it…
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Why Walking The Talk Is Critical

You've probably heard the phrase that leaders have to talk the talk, and then walk the walk. I know I have at it has been mentioned in…
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Our Three Circles of Interest And How Should Manage Them

As we travel through these unprecedented times I can only imagine the stress and strain that many are feeling, from the concerns about the coronavirus, to the…
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