At the weekend I met someone for the first time, a woman who really impressed me, and inspired me deeply. She had experienced adversity and had decided…
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Why passion is important.

Steve Jobs gives us a great explanation for why Passion is important. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KuNQgln6TL0&feature=related
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Diversity and Inclusion

I have been asked to provide some thoughts on diversity. This is a huge topic, so I thought I would start off by talking about inclusion. I…
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Motivation but….

When it comes to motivating people we need to focus only on positives messages in order to maximise the impact. Too often I have heard leaders say,…
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No Mananas

Putting things off until tomorrow is a potential first step on the road to failure. We should look to make progress on every single day that it's…
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AIM for Success!

AIM: Aspiration; Inspiration; and Motivation. These are three key elements we need to fire up in order to improve our drive for success. It all starts with…
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Motivation not demotivation!

Leaders often talk about the importance of motivating people. However, in many instances where the teams are not performing, this has been because the teams have been…
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Leadership beginnings

I wanted to start my blog with my first experience of leadership and the impact it had on me, my beliefs and the start of the definition…
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