How I Landed My First TedX Talk in Just 42hrs

On Thursday, I announced that had just confirmed my first TedX talk and that from pitch to confirmation the whole process took just 42 hours. First, let me say…
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Use the Force Luke!

As a youngster Star Wars was always my favorite film, I always liked the idea of the Force, a strange and mystical energy field that surrounds us and…
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Success is getting up one more time, than you have…

Determination is something that cannot be learnt or taught, and often it's the difference between success and failure...the determination to get up one more time, to give…
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Driving Change

Someone asked me a question yesterday at what point we need to involve more people, such as experts, in large transformation changes. This is a very interesting…
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Why passion is important.

Steve Jobs gives us a great explanation for why Passion is important. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KuNQgln6TL0&feature=related
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