Top 5 Qualities You Should Look For When Appointing Leaders

With leadership comes great responsibility, and this needs to be carefully considered when you are looking to appoint new leaders. Leaders are often the difference between success…
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Why Persistence Can Be The Difference Between Success and Failure

If you want to know why persistence is a necessary characteristic in leadership and in business then check out this video. I know from personal and painful…
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My Little Secrets For Your Big Success (TedX Belfort)

On Friday 9th of November, I did my first ever Ted Talk and to make the challenge just a little bit bigger I decided that I would give…
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Why Everyone Needs To Develop Persistence

As I prepare for my Tedx Talk at Belfort called My Little Secrets For Your Big Success on of the secrets I am including is the Power…
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Two Small Things That Lead To Big Success (Video)

Success is often perceived as something that is only for the talented, for the gifted, but in reality nothing could be further from the truth. Yes, talent…
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Why You Need To Be Persistent (Video)

Talent is great thing to have but without persistence your full potential might never be achieved.  History is littered with talented people who gave up with their…
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Half A Millionth Mark – Persistent, Consistent & Humbling

Sunday was a Day of Double Celebration for me. - I was selected #8 on the 50 Top Leadership and Management Blogs. - And I also achieved the milestone…
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