So What Does a Project Manager Do?

While the title project manager may carry many different meanings and responsibilities, the truth is a project manager occupies an unenviable and often demanding position that involves…
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Hope Is Not A Strategy

Leadership is about creating Vision, getting people to buy-in to the Vision, coming up with a plan to meet that Vision and then executing. We need all…
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The Law of the Five P’s.

One of my favourite sayings is “Proper preparation prevents poor performance”. This is known as the law of the 5 P’s. More often than not it’s a…
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Go tell it to the Marines

The following 10 Leadership Principles are looked for and trained for in the US Marines, most of these apply to all Leaders in all walks of life.…
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Automated chaos

There is an old adage that we need to learn to walk, before we try to run. What this means is that we need to understand what…
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Plan, Plan and Follow the Plan

Previously I have mentioned that I think planning is one of the dying arts, especially within IT, and that we should invest much more time in training…
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If you fail to plan, then you plan to fail

I am always amazed at how little planning is done, or if it is done, it's not done at a detailed enough level. There is often a…
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Eating the Elephant

I am a huge fan of big, bold and aggressive goals. I think goals need to be inspirational in nature, so they need to be pushing the…
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Hope for the best, but plan for the worst!

Today, I thought I'd write about contingency as this came up in a project that I was reviewing. Everyone knows that projects can be risky, and usually…
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