3 Key Things to do Before Starting a Business

Many people are realizing that their dreams are valid and it’s possible to make them a part of their reality. As a result, there is a wave…
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The Law of the Five P’s.

One of my favourite sayings is “Proper preparation prevents poor performance”. This is known as the law of the 5 P’s. More often than not it’s a…
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Sink or Swim

As leaders one of our jobs is to get people out of their comfort zones. We need to do this in order to expand what they are…
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Moses shows the way

Yesterday I had the opportunity to meet one of my all time sporting heroes, Edwin Moses. For those of you who don't know him, he was the…
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Eating the Elephant

I am a huge fan of big, bold and aggressive goals. I think goals need to be inspirational in nature, so they need to be pushing the…
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