Leadership 360

In order to be perceived as being successful as a leader we need to be successful in all directions, with our teams, with our peers and also…
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Inspiring confidence

As a leader one of our key roles is to inspire confidence, but confidence in whom? For me the following quote is the real answer to that…
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The Last Castle

Today I have a lazy day at home and I had the pleasure of watching a film called the Last Castle, starring Robert Redford. Redford plays a…
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Servant Leadership

As a big fan of servant leadership I thought I would share the Ten Principles of Servant Leadership by Robert Greenleaf. I think these give a clear…
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Leadership in the home

"The task of leadership is not to put greatness into humanity, but to elicit it, for the greatness is already there. "  John Buchan  This is one…
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Leading through fear!

In a conversation with a couple of former colleagues recently, the conversation came round to how their bosses, or their bosses boss, were horrible and the culture…
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Sharing Credit

Nothing loses a leaders credibility quicker than the statement, I did..., I achieved..., I made..., and so on. As leaders we lead teams, we do very little…
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Feedback is like sunshine and water to plants, without it we will struggle to grow and improve. Feedback gives us encouragement and confidence that we are on the…
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It’s the little things

Leadership is not just about setting big bold goals, creating inspiring visions, giving great motivational speeches and delivering great results. It's also about the little things, it's…
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