4 Reasons Your Business Needs to Be Tracking SKU Profitability

Seeing the big picture is great; it gives you a good idea of how your company is performing and where it’s going. However, you can’t solely focus…
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8 Tips On Writing a Business Plan To Gain Investors

A business plan is vital for your success, especially if it's directed at investors. It helps them understand the premise upon which your business is built and…
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What Can You Do with a Degree in Data Science?

Data is currently regarded as being among the most valuable commodities in the world. Given how extensively it is now being used in a multitude of different…
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What If There Was A Secret Formula For Success?

What If There Was A Secret Formula For Success? What if there was a secret formula for success: a simple, easy-to-understand, repeatable formula that you could follow…
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FAST Talk at PMI Netherlands

It was a great honour to be invited to speak on FAST at the Project Management Institute Summit in the Netherlands. I had the pleasure in September,…
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This Week America – FAST Interview

Check out my interview on This Week America with Ric Bratton. I share tips on achieving success and driving results, and also who i got started in…
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FAST Leadership Show – The Trusted Executive

Trust has always been an important component of leadership, but in todays world, with the rise of Social Media and the expectations that Millennials have of leaders…
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I love the data.

If you want to create a high performance culture, then it needs accurate performance measurements. The organization needs clearly defined KPIs that are: Aligned with what’s important…
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What does Success look like?

The are so many reasons why it’s important for us to define what Success looks like: If you don’t know what Success looks like, how will you…
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