Key Things Learned About Leadership From The Trump Presidency

As I sit and reflect on the outcome of the US Presidential Election, one in which, one of the most polarizing people on the planet managed to…
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Why Leaders Need The Right Culture

Peter Drucker probably sums up the impact of culture perfectly when he said "Culture eats strategy for breakfast". Basically, what he is saying is that doesn't matter…
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What Leaders Get Wrong About Organisational Effectiveness

In pretty much every Organization that I have worked, they have all made the same mistake when it comes to driving Organizational Effectiveness. This is in spite…
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Easy Tips For Giving An Ultimate Presentation

Whether you are a business owner, a freelance worker, a blogger or a manager working for a company chances are that you are familiar with presentations. You…
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One Simple Answer to Why Healthcare Is Failing

One Simple Answer to Why Healthcare Is Failing Going all the way back to May of 2010, it was already apparent why healthcare was failing and really,…
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20 Ways To Better Communicate At Work

Guest Post recommended by NeoMam Studios 20 Ways to Communicate Better at work you can find the original post here. Conversations at work aren’t all water cooler…
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Who or What Inspires You?

I wrote a post yesterday about over coming our self limiting beliefs and I got a tremendous amount of positive feedback. People writing to me, telling me…
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20 Question for Leaders 15/20 Leader mistakes

From Questions for leaders What is one mistake you witness leaders making more frequently than others? Leaders are human, and like all humans, they make mistakes, I…
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20 Questions for Leaders 9/20 Vision

From 20 Questions for Leaders: Do you set aside specific times to cast vision to your employees and other leaders? Every year we have a strategy conference…
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