6 Ways To Improve The Supplier Relationship´╗┐

Every business needs to carefully manage their relationship with suppliers. Suppliers are relied on heavily for the success of the operation, yet it is also an area…
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Results Based Leadership: Power of Win Win Scenarios

The Power of Win-Win in Results Based Leadership Results should be the goal of every leader. As a leader, you're not brought in to maintain the status…
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A Great Company Culture

This is a presentation that was sent to me by a dear friend and colleague, which show the company culture at Netflix. I would say this this…
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Sharing Credit

Nothing loses a leaders credibility quicker than the statement, I did..., I achieved..., I made..., and so on. As leaders we lead teams, we do very little…
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Winners and losers

There are many books and articles on creating Winning Cultures and the importance of Winning Cultures. But what we are really talking is creating Cultures of Success,…
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Performance Appraisals

As we enter the season of performance appraisals it's important to remember how critical these are to creating a winning culture. If we get these right, then…
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The Power of Win-Win-Win

If you can create Win-Win situations in all areas, there is no limit to the success that can be achieved. When we create win-win scenarios this means…
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