Taking Control of Your Personal Brand

Who is responsible for defining your Brand? 

The answer is very simple, you are responsible.

The thing people find difficult is, is this something you’re doing consciously or subconsciously?

If you’re doing this subconsciously then you are probably not being consistent and you are probably not highlighting the parts that you want to emphasise.

Even worse you may be highlighting those parts of your character that you don’t want to highlight, for example, you may always be 5 minutes late for meetings.

This might be for perfectly legitimate reasons, but now you’re subconsciously defining yourself, and your brand as someone who is always late. Is that what you want to be known for?

I am not suggesting that you should be inauthentic, what I am suggesting is that you may need to eliminate some facets of who you are which not only detract from the good that you do, but because they may be defining who you are to others.

We need to understand who we are and how we want to be seen and then we need to ensure that we positively highlight those traits.

We also need to understand those things that we do, that detract from who we are, and stop doing them.

Negative Branding and its Impact

I worked for one boss who was an excellent boss, but he had a terrible habit of complaining about people’s weight, he had a phobia about being fat.

But he commented on this so much, that this is one of the key things that he was remembered for, and that became a big part of how people saw him.

Do you think that is how he wanted to be known?

Even worse that’s how people described him to others that didn’t know him personally.

So take control of your brand and ensure that you highlight those elements that best define who you are and downplay the negatives which undermine you.

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