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The key inspirations for writing my book came when I was in training for the Marathon which I was running for Cancer Charity.

In respect of that inspiration and to honour my friends who went chemo, I am going to donate 30% of all profits  from the book sales to Cancer Charity.

The charity I will donate to is the Teal Ribbon Charity which was set up by my dear friend Kristen who also ran with me in the Dusseldorf Marathon.

She is truly an inspiration to me, and also to many, many others.

Marathon complete   Kristen  A. Varley

My life changed in August of 2003.

I had no symptoms, no family history, was young, healthy and physically fit – yet was diagnosed at age 38 with stage IIIC ovarian cancer.

Strangely, I am glad that it was I that was diagnosed and not someone else.

I do feel as if I have been chosen for this disease.

As a result of my diagnosis I have been given the encouragement, strength & motivation to use my ovarian cancer journey as a way to raise awareness, provide education and to raise funds to advance ovarian cancer research towards early detection and eventually a cure.

Since August of 2003, I have been actively involved in many ovarian cancer organizations, both nationally and locally.  I am committed to ovarian cancer – not for me but for all women.

My mission is to prevent other women from my same fate.

I was instrumental in getting the survivors speaking to medical school students started in Philadelphia in Jan 2004, starting fundraising opportunities such as the teal ovarian cancer “OverCome” awareness bands, Bunco for Ovarian Cancer, Teal Ribbon Night (Ladies’ Night Out to play Bunco in Maryland), Lunch and Learn for the Red Hat Society in Ocean City, NJ and the Memorial Day Sunday Teal Ribbon 5k run/walk.

I was a runner prior to my diagnosis and for me creating, organizing and hosting the 5k was a dream come true.

Ovarian Cancer is bigger than us all.

I do not want another person, another family to have to hear the terrifying words – you have or someone in your family has ovarian cancer.

Unfortunately, the general population is not aware of the signs and symptoms of ovarian cancer and ovarian cancer research is underfunded.

As a way to raise funds to further scientific research, in September of 2005, my sister, Karlyn Kay and I co-founded a 501 (c) (3) foundation, Teal Ribbon Ovarain Cancer Foundation, Inc. (TROCRF). TROCRF is organized exclusively for charitable & scientific purposes.

Our goals are to raise funds to advance ovarian cancer research towards a cure; advocating for early diagnostic treatment programs and to improve the lives of ovarian cancer survivors.

I am employed full-time with First Data in Wilmington, DE in the Debit Card Services Division. I have been in the electronic funds industry for 30 years. I earned my BS degree from Neumann University, Aston PA in May 2003.

My very supportive family and friends make all things possible. I live in Glen Mills, PA with my wonderful husband, Simon, and incredible 22 year-old daughter; Kimberly.

I have become a ultra runner post ovarian cancer.

In the last 5 years I have run 11 marathons and two 50k ultra trail races.

Life is good!

I love life and an thankful it’s not a sprint but a marathon!

Teal Ribbon

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