Thanks to Everyone Involved with FAST

FAST Cover Orrin QuoteToday my publisher Ken Dunn of Next Century Publishing informed me that we had just sold 10,000 advance copies of my next book FAST to one company.

This was a great honour and achievement, and I am truly humbled.

I wanted to take the opportunity to thank everyone who was involved with the book, without whom non of this would have been possible.

This book could not have been completed without the help of the following people:

Phil Lee, Carine Cornelis, Dave Thornton, Tarak Patel, Angela Panayotopulos, Tammy Kling, Kellie Kuecha, Sabrina Fajardo, Michelle Colon-Johnson, Claire Boyles, Jane Garee, Paris Walker, Dr Pekola Roberts… 

And finally, Nigel Risner.  It was Nigel who said to me, “So your keys to success are Simplicity, Transparency, and Focus. What about Accountability? Could you include that?”

I said, “Of course. Accountability is of paramount importance, so much so it goes without saying.”

To which he replied, “Yes, but if you say it, then you have Focus, Accountability, Simplicity, and Transparency, which gives you FAST.”

Hence FAST Leadership was named. It had been there all along, staring out at me.

The book will be launched officially on Oct 20th and if you would like to pre-order a copy on Amazon you can do that here.

The book has already had some great feedback some of which I have included below.

“Tredgold has captured the Holy Grail of business success with this book.” – Orrin Woodward – Guinness World Record Holder, Inc. Magazine Top 20 Leader and New York Times Bestselling Author

“Reading FAST by Gordon Tredgold resonated perfectly with my entrepreneurial experience, including my mistakes and learning from them. This book effectively sums up things we need to keep our focus on in business world, if we want to not just succeed but succeed smartly! Every entrepreneur and hopeful MUST read this!”   Szebastian Onne, Almost Naked CEO: HQ 101, Worldwide

“FAST is the best leadership book ever. Gordon has written a Bible for CEOs and their leadership teams to transform the way employees at all levels think.”  -Tammy Kling CEO, Books on Fire, Global Bestselling Author, and Futurist

“It is essential for today’s business leaders and entrepreneurs to be able to rapidly execute. Gordon Tredgold’s FAST lays out a simple, yet powerful, framework for getting to the results you want through Focus, Accountability, Simplicity and Transparency. The FAST methodology will allow you to spend less time in the planning stage so that you can move into action mode much sooner.”  Sharon Hayes, CEO, Frontspace

“Gordon has hit the bull’s-eye again. FAST is easy to read, effective, and thought-provoking, and uses his experiences to full effect. This book challenges you to think about how to implement these simple principles in everyday life. A great book I will be referring back to regularly.” Jason Duff, IBM Executive

“G.B. Shaw once opined, ‘Those who can, do; those who can’t, teach.’ Gordon Tredgold, in his new book FAST, corrects this harsh judgment. Having led numerous highly successful turnarounds in industry and business, he now shares his profound insights to teach the rest of us, and we are fortunate to have such a learned guide! Whatever else you do today, place your order for this delightful success map—and do it FAST!” – R. David Lancaster, Professor, Bethel University, McKenzie, TN

“Whether you are a business leader, education leader, or church leader, the success principles in Gordon Tredgold’s new book FAST will change YOU first and your organization second. FAST picks up where most leadership books leave off, with a brilliant yet simplistic approach to what leaders need most: Focus, Accountability, Simplicity, and Transparency. It’s a must read for any leader!” Dr. Lynn Wicker, President, Centre for Innovative Educational Solutions, LLC and Author of Raising Kids That Succeed!


“Time has always been a highly valuable asset to leaders. However, the exponential increase in value of that asset is far beyond anything we could have imagined. Top performing leaders must have access to the right skills and tools necessary to perform at the highest level in today’s rapidly shifting business world. What Gordon Tredgold has so brilliantly crafted in his book FAST is exactly what today’s leaders need boiled down into a simple, powerful, and highly usable acronym of FAST.”  – Dov Baron, Founder of Full Monty Leadership, Bestselling Author, and Inc. Magazine Top 100 great Leadership Speakers to Hire

“Leadership is the art of connecting varied individuals to achieve a single goal. However, most companies don’t realize this; they don’t hire effective leaders, and they don’t understand “Focus,” the first element of FAST. Reading this book will give any business leader the edge over their competitors, IF they implement it! Fortunately for all us, Gordon has set out the principles of FAST so simply that anyone can follow them to achieve seemingly insurmountable, complex goals!” Claire Boyles, Start Up Marketing Consultant, who helps entrepreneurs develop happy, healthy and wealthy businesses, doing the things they love.

“’More is less’ gets a whole new meaning with Gordon’s new book on the FAST approach. This is such a great tool that can make a real difference to organizations—private, public and third sector alike—the individuals within in them, and their stakeholders. However, simple doesn’t mean easy (Who wants easy anyway?). This is not a book written simply to be read. It’s written to be delivered! It’s all about providing a tool that requires true leadership through Focus (What?), Accountability (Who?), Simplicity (How), and Transparency (How far?). So, don’t just name-drop it: live it, breathe it, deliver it!” Professor Rune Todnem By, Staffordshire University. Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Change Management Co-author, Managing Change in Organizations (2014)

“Gordon has effectively distilled over twenty years of operating at senior levels in major corporations in to a practical, engaging read. Wisdom speaks!”  Julie Starr, Director of StarrConsulting, The Business of Coaching

“Having built several multi-million dollar fast-growing companies myself, I’ve seen firsthand the power of Focus, Accountability, Simplicity and Transparency. For the first time, Gordon Tredgold details his FAST model for success, with engaging case studies from his own successful career and clear steps to apply the model in your own business. Even experienced leaders will learn something new from this book.”  – Kevin Kruse, New York Times bestselling author and Founder, The Kruse Group,

“As the publisher and executive editor of a global business information portal, I’ve presided over the editing and publishing of over 10,000 articles in recent years from across the business spectrum. A large majority of the essays published have been focused on all aspects of leadership—ranging from early stage development through commanding from the C-Suite. Conspicuously absent from the plethora of advice and guidance put forth by any number of ‘experts’ has been an emphasis on the notion of fundamental ownership and accountability—that is until I strolled through the pages of FAST. Without minimizing the importance of Focus, Simplicity and Transparency, your expanded attention to something so fundamental as Accountability was as remarkable as it was refreshing. From my many years of firsthand leadership experience both domestically and internationally, it has been Accountability that has clearly separated mediocre leadership from profound leadership. Kudos to you for breaking through the ‘leadership 101 clutter’ and raising the bar!” – Dennis J. Pitocco, Publisher & Executive Editor