The Art of Preparation: Unlocking Success

The saying “Proper preparation prevents poor performance” is one of my favourites.

This is known as the law of the five P’s. More often than not, it is a lack of preparation, rather than a lack of ability, that stops us from performing at our best.

Preparation can be anything from reading up on a subject, practising responses to tough interview questions, rehearsing a presentation, planning a project, or doing risk analysis.

The more preparation that we do, the more prepared we will be, to deal with the unexpected.

When we prepare, it causes us to think about the task at hand, to double check, and to make sure we are clear on what needs to be done and how we intend to do it, it increases our understanding.

Preparation builds confidence, and confidence increases the probability of success.

So if you want to succeed, make sure that you prepare properly! It’s as simple as that.

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