The Importance of Inspiration

world cup

I have just watched the news where Greg Dyke has just laid out his Goal of England winning the World Cup in 2022. Which is something which I fully support and would love to see happen.

However, am I inspired by this, does it create a strong Vision for me, for English football?

Sadly the answer to that is no!


Well, because there was no credible plan on how we would achieve this, and without a credible plan that I can buy into, this is just a Hope, and Hope is not a Strategy that will lead us to Success.

He did do a good job of pointing out many of issues which hold back English football, but there was no clear or believable approach to resolving them.

Do I think its possible that England can win the World Cup in 2022?

Sure, why not, but we would need a credible plan, one everyone could buy into, one that would Inspire us to commit to the goals with confidence, one that would make us Believe.

As Leaders one of our most important roles is to provide Inspiration, to create the belief in our teams that our goals are possible and credible.

Without Inspiration, our chances of success are limited.

Gordon Tredgold

Leadership Principles