The Personal Touch

thank youThis morning when I went to the post, to pick up the assortment of bills, great offers and the collection of free magazines, tucked in amongst them was a small envelope, which clearly didn’t fit into any of the above categories. So I open it first, unsure who it was from or what it contained. In this day an age the only non-functional mail that I get tends to be invitations to weddings, anniversaries, etc.

Most personal messages now come either view email or online chats.

As I opened up the envelope sure enough inside there was a card, and I wondered who it could be that was getting married.

To my surprise, inside was a hand written Thank You card.

It was from a guest on my radio show the week before who was just writing to thank me personally for the opportunity to be on the show, saying how much they had enjoyed it, and that we should stay in touch.

I was surprised at how much it meant to.

It’s so easy for us to say thanks, to text it, to write it in an email or even in chat that we often do it as a matter of reflex. We are being genuine, we do mean to thank people, but sometimes it is so effortless that it lacks real impact.

But it says so much more than just thank you when someone has purchased the card, hand written it  and then takes the trip to the post box to send it to me.

There is a different level of intent, and certainly a different level of feeling when you receive it.

It’s often said that we should send hand written notes because it shows a real personal touch, it says so much more than just thank you, and today I was reminded of that.

So this week, why not take the opportunity to hand write a personal  thank you note to someone, rather than just using the obligatory thank you via text, mail or chat.

Not only will it make them feel special, it will make you seem special.


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