Think Big, No I Mean Really Big

Think Big

As we come to the end of 2013 and I look back over the year, looking at all I have achieved, the goals I have set, the progress I have made, and then start to think about my goals for 2014 one thing keeps coming to my mind.

Think bigger!

Most of the important goals I set I exceeded!

I did miss a couple like lose some weight, and improve my Italian, but in the grand scheme of things things, I would say on average, I exceeded what I set out to do.

What does this tell me? It tells me I was not bold enough in my goal setting, I should have aimed higher.

If you shoot for the moon you get the moon, but if you shoot for the stars, who knows where that might end.

When we look around us at some of the most successful people, its not that they are more talented than we are, its that they were more aggressive in their goal setting.

They are no more than Cats, but they already see themselves as Lions, they walk and act like Lions, they think like Lions, and they full expect to be accepted as Lions.

This is one big difference between us.

So lets fix that, lets see ourselves as Lions, think like a Lion and set the goals a Lion would set.

Don’t think like a cat who dreams of being a Lions some day.

Don’t dream of being a millionaire, dream of being a Billionaire.

What’s the worst that can happen?

We fail?

Wouldn’t you rather fail at being a Billionaire than a millionaire?

Think about it, think of the mind set change that this instills, it will open our eyes to so much more possibility.

Just to be clear, our goals don’t all have to be about money, I am just using that as a metaphor, but more money is always nice 🙂

With this in mind I need to go and think about my Goals for 2014, and I need to think like a Lion, aim higher, and look to be all I can be.

We only get one life and it would be sad to be sat on the moon wishing we’d aimed for the stars!

Let me know what you goals are for 2014 and lets aim big together

My best wishes for the Festive Season

Gordon Tredgold

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