Tips for Getting Media Exposure for Your New Business

When you start a business, one of the challenges you will deal with is building a name for yourself. Reputation is crucial since it impacts different parts of your business. It dictates how customers recognize you. Therefore, it is vital to boost your image to ensure more people know about you. It means relying on external sources like the media to build your visibility. One of the hardest things about building a name for a SaaS business is that you don’t have tangible products to show. You depend on customer subscriptions to make it work. However, nothing has to be complicated. You can use the media for coverage to build brand awareness and increase visibility. Here is what you should do to get started.

Before we look at things to do to get more media coverage, it will be great to know the importance of media coverage. Getting your startup mentioned in publications and other high-profile platforms is crucial for your business in the following ways:

  • – More lead generation to your social media and websites
  • – Improved brand visibility and reputation
  • – Attracts more talent to the business
  • – Attracts partners and investors

Ways to Get Covered By Media for SaaS Businesses

There are many ways of getting exposed to the public by the media. Here is what you should do:

Reach Out to Journalists

You can look for individual journalists and ask them to feature your startup in their stories. However, this choice comes when you need a more serious piece like an interview or regular contact with publishers. Finding a journalist willing to feature you in their story takes work. So, start with the local publications and contact individual staff on the website. You also need to know how to pitch your idea to the journalist and ensure they consider it.

Consider a Press Release

Another fast way to introduce your brand to consumers is by submitting press releases. Look for something that will capture the attention of the audience. For example, if you just released software, an event like a launch event can help grab attention. You can work with one of the best SaaS public relations agencies to get your story published for people to see. You can use various famous platforms to submit your press release, and publishers can pick it from there and distribute it to other platforms. Press releases create the easiest way to reach more people.

Newsjack Stories

Newsjacking stories are dangerous, although it is very effective in capturing attention for your startup. There are different ways you can do that, although all trickle down to taking advantage of existing stories to benefit yourself. For example, you can give your opinion on a trending event, which could get you featured in the following pieces.

Make Your Social Media Stand Out

Journalists search for inspiration from materials on social media. Therefore, the best way to capture your attention and make sure they choose you is by making your social media stand out. If media publications and journalists can find something unique about you, it increases your chances of being featured in their journals. So, post regular content and work with influencers to build followers. This way, getting your story featured in a publication will be accessible even if you have not been exposed. So, take some time to discover the things that can make your social media stand out from the rest. Most importantly, invest in a solid content marketing campaign.

Participate in Local Events

You can also take advantage of local events that will attract more media attention and take part in them. You can sign up to speak at the event or sponsor the event. Use your company brand colors and formal announcements to make the most out of it. You want to ensure other companies and consumers know you will attend the event. Another good way to spread awareness and make your brand more visible is hosting a local event.


You need to adopt these effective strategies to get more media exposure for your startup. They help you gain more popularity and exposure. With time, you can work with a higher-profile publication that gets more traffic. So, push your way to ensure more consumers know about you. It will keep your brand visible and engaged. So, working towards exposing your brand is worth the investment. 

The rule of thumb is to ensure your company is ready for coverage. Display yourself as an expert in the industry and ensure your product is prepared for the market. When you’re an expert in the industry, you are in a position to advise accordingly and customers will trust the products that you present to the market.