Top 20 Most Inspiring Leadership Blogs

I’d just like to say what a tremendous honour it is to selected as #7 on the list of Top 20 Most Inspiring Leadership Blogs.

To be mentioned alongside so many other great authors really is a dream come true, and I want to thank everyone who has read, shared and liked my articles, because without you this would not be possible.

It’s your support that makes this type of recognition possible, and which motivates me to continue sharing my thoughts and ideas on leadership.

I was particularly touched by the blurb that went along with the selection, my goal has always been to try and empower people to be better leaders, with simple pragmatic advice, and that seems to be how the blog is being received.

An engaging blog coming from an engaging public speaker! This is a great read for those who are looking for easily digestible and understandable articles about leadership. Using his expertise in speaking in public, this blogger delivers powerful articles that are meant to shape your leadership style and empower you to become ten times better as a leader. His articles are exciting to read, giving you the energy to try the techniques he suggested as soon as you’re done reading his contents.

Thanks again for all your support it truly is appreciated.