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FAST Leadership – Half Day Work Shop


What is this course about?

According to IBM only 30% of Projects succeed; and in most countries only 10% of first-time businesses are successful.

  • FAST (Focus, Accountability, Simplicity, Transparency) will help you be part of the successes.

Who will benefit from this course?

  • Anyone who is looking to increase their: project delivery capability; quality of services; benefits for their company and customers; or promotion prospects.

What kind of background do I need?

  • A desire to increase your delivery capability that will make you and your company stand out.

You Will Learn:

  • How to increase the probability of success and the speed it can be achieved.
  • By using FAST you can improve your Focus and Accountability to ensure you do the Right Job, and how to increase the Simplicity and Transparency in order to do a Good Job.
    Which put you and your team in position to succeed.

Hands-on Activities Include:

Case studies and exercises to help you understand the impact of Focus, Accountability, Simplicity and Transparency and how to assess and increase their effectiveness.

Half Day Course