Two Small Things That Lead To Big Success (Video)

Success is often perceived as something that is only for the talented, for the gifted, but in reality nothing could be further from the truth.

Yes, talent is important, but there are two things which if you don’t have them, it doesn’t matter how much talent you have.

And these are Persistency and Consistency

No matter how much talent you have if you don’t utilize it consistently then you’re never going to achieve your full potential. And if you don’t exhibit persistence then there is a high probability that you won’t achieve your goals.  

Why is that? 

Well because any goal that is worth achieving is going to have challenges along the way, and if you don’t have the persistence to continue when the going gets tough its going to be hard to reach your goal.

Let’s take a moment to talk about talent.

Talent is a great asset, and I wish I had more of it, but it’s not true that if you have limited talent you can’t be successful. Because persistency and consistency are talent multipliers and I know that from personal experience.

As i mentioned in yesterdays blog article, 5 years ago i struggled to run for more than 15 to 20 minutes, and I had never run more than six miles in my life. Yet by running 5 times a week (consistently), I was able to convert that 15-20 minute run into being able to run for an hour, then two, three right up to five hours. At which point I was able to run a marathon, and now here I am five years later I have completed 11 marathons.

Yet if you have asked me if I could have run a marathon I would have said no. But consistency and persistency multiplied the little talent I had until I could complete 11 marathons.

With my writing, when I first started I would say that I wasn’t a good writer, let alone great, but by writing five times a week that helped me to improve my writing, it helped me develop that skills and improve until I was good enough to write for some of the biggest platforms in the world. Like Forbes, Entrepreneur, Inc, Business Insider and many many others.

Persistency and consistency helped me become a better writer and to get accepted by those platforms. Persistency was important too because several of those said no several times before I finally got in.

We can all achieve more than we believe, even if we think we do’t have great talents by just applying persistency and consistency.

Success doesn’t come to those who wait, it comes to those who go and get it. To those who will put in the effort, will do the work and will keep going, even when it gets tough.

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