Victim or Victor?

1BillionAfrica-Offical_Logo1We all have the option of how we respond to a situation, we are able to choose our response, which means we are responsible.

We can choose to be the victim, complain about the position we are in, look for reasons as to why me, or for someone to blame for our predicament.

When we take the victim mentality, it’s like we are resigning ourselves to the situation, believing that we can do nothing about it. It’s the easiest option, but it doesn’t help us.

Victims become reliant on others to help resolve their problems,

Or we can choose to be victors, we can make the choice that it’s our responsibility to fix our problem, to do something about the situation that we find ourselves in.

One of my favourite sayings is ‘it’s better to light a candle, than to curse the darkness‘. Thats the spirit of a victor, someone who makes the choice to make a change to try and improve their situation.

I have just recently become involved with a group, 1BillionAfrica, as I was inspired by their founder, Prince Adu-Appiah. Who has not only decided to become a victor, but to create an army of victors.

Prince’s philosophy is that Africans, instead of complaining about the 1 billion problems that they believe they have, should start to turn these problems into projects, look to find their own solutions rather than waiting for someone else to come to their aid.

His goal, which I fully support,  is to create a movement where 1 billion Africans work together to solve the problems they face to help make Africa better place.

When one person steps up and decides to become victor, it can inspire others to do the same, and when we create this momentum many things can be done to improve our position.

Whilst we might not be able to make our world or our lives perfect, we do have the power to improve them, and when we do that we can inspire others.

It’s all about attitude, do we choose to become victim, who basically gives up hope, or we become victors and give hope to others.

Prince has chosen to light a candle! He has a great team of like minded individuals who I believe will inspire many, many others.

His team includes: Israel Fugah, Pearl Ahadzi, Charles Mensah, Sarah Adjei, Nathaniel Boateng, Frank Narh, David Guun, Samuel Boadi, Mosimiloluwa Koye-ladele and other amazing Country Ambassadors.

Having started out based in Ghana, they already they have associates in  9 other African countries, looking to share ideas, promote projects and encourage others to make the transition from victim to victor.

I encourage you to visit their website, and to provide them with positive feedback for their efforts and their choice to step up and solve their own problems.

It can be a difficult path to follow, but the rewards can be tremendous, and they deserve our applause.


Gordon Tredgold

#Leadership Principles