What Does Work Life Balance Look Like to You?

I decided to stop for a moment to consider work-life balance and perhaps approach this subject from a different perspective.

Here are a few that immediately came to mind when I was asked to name the top ten moments of my life:

  • When I first met Carine, my wife
  • When Carine and I got married
  • When Dan, my son, was born
  • When Jessica, my daughter, was born
  • When Lucy, my second daughter, was born
  • Winning the Headingley Trophy at Rugby League when I was 10
  • Safari in South Africa with Carine, Dan, Jess and Lucy
  • Being presented with my degree in Mathematics
  • Listening to Dan sing at Carine’s 50 birthday
  • Shopping with Jessica and Lucy for clothes in Lucca

I think I could continue for a long time before I actually come up with anything that is work-related.

Sure I have worked on some great projects, delivered some great results, and had excellent feedback for a presentation, but none of them come close to any of the moments listed above, or any of the others I can think of in the top 50.

So in terms of Work-Life Balance, all of my best moments come from Life.

Maybe we should all do this little exercise, and then think about how we should better split our time between Work and Life.

If all of our most precious moments come from Life and not Work, maybe we need to address our focus.

Just a thought.

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