What Focus Can Tell Us

Focus TAXNormally I try and keep out of politics, it’s a very messy field where very few come out with any credit.

But every now and then we get great examples that just need to be shared.

As part of my FAST Leadership Method I always talk about the importance of Focus, and how if you’re not Focused on the right things you will never be successful.

There is another interesting fact about Focus, and that is that what some people are Focused on is that which is most important to them rather than, whats most important for success.

When you look at the picture above, it raises many interesting questions.

If the governments interest is to increase revenue by reducing fraud, then even a 10 year old could tell you it’s better to have  3250 people looking for the 70b in missing revenue, rather than wasting their time looking for 1.2b.

So clearly, either the government is less intelligent than a 10 year old, or finding the missing revenue is not what they are most interested in.

Personally, I don’t agree with any type of fraud, but I do find it scandalous that 10 times as many people are chasing benefit fraud, than are chasing tax evasion.

It think this tells us a lot about what the government is interested in, or where it’s interest lie.

It certainly doesn’t seem like its interest lie in chasing the rich or big business.

Gordon Tredgold

Leadership Principles