What if you couldn’t fail?


One of the questions my coach Julie Starr often asks is “what would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail?”.

This is a great question, as it really does make you think and open your mind up to possibilities, rather than failure. It also makes dream feel a little bit closer.

It also helps you understand what it is you really want to do.

When I started this blog, I was unsure about it, and I thought “what would I do if I knew I couldn’t fail” and I thought I’d just start, write some posts and see how it went.

When I thought about it, I realised I could do that and to be honest I couldn’t fail – I could write and I could post, there was nothing stopping me from doing that.

Whether the posts attract interest, or whether they be well received, that was something else entirely and to be honest, well thats outside my control really, and worrying about it was stopping me from writing. It was getting in the way.

I’m happy now I started because, for me, failing was actually not writing, it doesn’t really matter whether people read them or not. My goal was to write and I achieved that.

So if you have a goal or a dream that you’re reluctant to begin because your worried about failing, then why not imagine what you would do if you couldn’t fail, and the dive in.

Just start it, and maybe, just maybe you might be successful.