What Is the Difference Between a GIF and a Video?

Did you know that 
tens of millions of GIFs get sent each day through the Messenger app? GIFs are one of the most popular file formats in existence today because they allow people to save silent videos and clips that tell more of a story or send more of a message than a simple image.

GIFs come from using video files with a video conversion software that helps you get the video clip that you want and make it a GIF file. If you’ve never learned about file formatting and how to convert files to GIFS then today is your lucky day.

You’ve come to the perfect place to learn more about file formats and video conversion. Keep reading to learn more today!

What Are GIF File Formats?

Despite their popularity, it is possible that you’ve never heard of a GIF before. A GIF is a graphics interchange format, and it works by taking video and compressing a certain amount of frames into a sequence of images.

A big reason for the growth and popularity of GIFs is that they count as photo files rather than as video files. You’ll save a ton of space on your hard drive when you convert your videos into GIFs with video conversion software. You can also convert a gif to mp4.

They’re also valuable for use on your website because you don’t have to pay any type of fees or do anything special for them to work and get stored there. They are a great option if you’re looking for a boost for your customer engagement but you don’t want to pay extra.

How Are GIFs Different?

GIFs are different from video files because they provide moving content thanks to the sequence of images that get compressed. Videos have chunks of frames that go in a sequence depending on the file formatting that the user prefers to use.

One area where videos have an advantage over GIFs is that they are often much higher in picture quality compared to a GIF file. A major drawback is that you’ll have a difficult time editing individual frames that make up a video. You can do that easily when you’re using a file conversion for a GIF.

If you’re planning on live streaming then you’ll be well-served by using video. Meanwhile, GIFs are a perfect solution for marketing your business in a fun and engaging way. You won’t have to pay for video hosting when you go with a GIF over a video on your company’s website.

Not only will you get most of the properties of a video through video conversion, but you’ll also get it for free.

Now You Know More About File Formats

Learning about file formats is important if you want to learn the proper ways to use GIFs, videos, and images on your business’s website. File formatting helps you convert videos into GIFs and edit frames for the optimal marketing result.

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