What Kind of Entrepreneur Are You?

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Do you see yourself as an innovator, a world changer, or an opportunist? Maybe you’re not quite so specialized, and prefer “jack of all trades,” or prefer to keep on your toes as a serial entrepreneur. Or are you just getting started – a “wantrepreneur”?

Despite all the jargon surrounding entrepreneurship, sometimes it seems like all the famously successful entrepreneurs are cut from the same cloth. Middle class, white geeky men into coding and technology, who skipped school to follow their dreams and start a business in their garage. Though it was rough going at the start, they persevered, and then hit the big time. Now they’re worth billions and their business is a household name.

But that story isn’t true for all entrepreneurs, and that’s not the only path to entrepreneurial success.

Successful business are started by people of all different backgrounds, different personality traits, and different dreams and motivations. Some might prefer to stay low-tech in their day to day lives and take notes in a journal, while some keep all their ideas and thoughts in the cloud. Some have dreams of making big money with their businesses, while others want to change the world for the better with their ventures.

Some excel at coming up with great big new ideas and innovations, creating disruptive technologies that change our society forever. Some make decisions by researching everything exhaustively, pondering their options, and consulting experts. Others fly by their intuition and the seat of their pants.

It takes people of all different kinds to build successful companies. There is no single trait that is required for everyone who wants to be a successful entrepreneur.

So what’s holding you back?

Wondering what kind of entrepreneur you are? Just follow the flow-chart below to find out which style is yours.

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