What Leadership Means to Me?

Author Guest PostWhat leadership means to me?

By  Serena Pillay

Politics and Economics Student and spiring World Leader.

Through my journey of what we call life I have come into contact with many ‘self-made successful individuals’ all very hard workers who know and understand the meaning of success.  Although at times in life myself I have to say I have not always known who or what to listen to, there were the ‘’superficial’’ types who concentrated most of their efforts on beauty and health, there were the nerds who concentrated mostly on studying, there were my bosses, co-workers, family and then there were my ‘’friends’’ not all successful but all with a definite story to share.

Most times in life we never know what advice to take because there are so many people telling us so many different things, of course an expert in a particular field can give us enough guidance into what it is that we are supposed to do, even our parents, from business acumen, fitness training, or even certain skills that we would like to acquire, that comes from the most successful who have tried  and tested various models  adapting to various ideals to become who they are.

But, what does leadership actually mean to me? How can I as an individual prosper to be all that I can be?

Firstly I believe it comes from knowing what you want out of life, then applying principles and ideals to achieving that of which you most desire.  Most times in life it’s not going to be easy, you need to have a plan and if that plan fails you need to work on another plan. It means persevering even when there are no fruits of your hard labour to be seen, It means listening to advice from people who do have it all, but adapting it to your needs your lifestyle and what you actually want out of a particular situation but at the end of the day you have to call your own shots because you might be one part of a couple, a friendship or a family but you are still your own person, and your capabilities and goals should never be limited to a relationship, a family, a job and most importantly not a boss.

We all have power to become more of who we want to be and it is never too late or early to start.

Follow your intuition, put in the hard work and effort and like a great leadership author once said

‘’Just lead and maybe some people will follow’’ 🙂

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