We can always coach skills, but we can’t always coach attitude.

I saw great meme today which I wanted to share because I thought there was a great message for leaders in it as well as for individuals.

Here’s the meme.





















I like this meme because it’s so true. We don’t need to have a special talent to be able to do these ten things, and if we do them, it will definitely help us be more successful.

As leaders these are things we should be looking to coach our teams in, to remind them that these things are almost as important as talent because without them talent just becomes wasted potential.

When looking to recruit, we need to bear these things in mind and make sure that we have questions that uncover whether or not people exhibit these things. If they don’t, and we only question them about talent, knowledge and experience we could be looking at bringing in someone with all the right skills but none of the right attitudes.

Ideally, we want people with both the right skills and the right attitude, but if I can only get people with one of those, then I will take people with the right attitude 99% of the time.

We can always coach skills, but we can’t always coach attitude.


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