What Will You Do Differently in 2014?

2014As we start the New Year, we reflect back on last year and we start to think about our New Years Resolutions: what we will start to do; what we will stop doing; and what we will do differently; in order to make the coming year better that the previous one.

As a Leader what will you look to change, in the way you lead, in order to make 2014 better.

Here are some simple suggestions which might help.

  • Be Bold
    Why not set some bold ambitious goals, and look to inspire your team
  • Simplify
    Keep things simple, complex goals are rarely achieved
  • Be Confident
    Your confidence will be reflected by your team and will help to create belief
  • Build Confidence
    Provide encouragement and positive feedback to your teams
  • Challenge
    Challenge everything, ask why it can’t be done faster, better or cheaper
  • Be Honest
    Honesty is the basis of trust and trust is the basis for leadership
  • Lead By Example
    Get involved, be hands on where possible, show involvement
  • Create Early Success
    Build early successes into your plan, so your teams starts to experience success early
  • Communicate, Communicate, Communicate
    Communicate you goals, communicate your plan and communicate your progress so that your team knows what to do, how to do it, and the progress that they are making
  • Celebrate Successes
    Always celebrate success, even small successes, you need to get your team to get used to being successful and enjoy being successful.

These small changes can have a dramatic effect, so why not give them a try!

Gordon Tredgold

Leadership Principles