Who Leads the Leader

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One of the things I often wonder about is where do Leaders get their inspiration and who leads them.

Interesting I find that much of this inspiration actually comes from their followers, their abilities and capabilities.

Many leaders are inspired by helping their teams realise their true potential and push their performance to the highest levels.

It’s not the Leader that has this potential, its their team, it’s you!

The Leader just has the ability to spot the possibilities, to nurture them, to light the fire that will drive their teams to achieve.

As a Leader there is nothing more satisfying than seeing our teams achieve, seeing the look on their faces when they have pushed their performance beyond the limits of what they thought was possible.

We can always do more or better, we just need to be shown how, to be given the encouragement, to be given the freedom to try new thing and new techniques in a safe environment.

Leaders start out by showing the way, leading from the front, but as soon as their teams start to achieve, its the teams that take over, its the team which start to define their new targets, success breeds success, and teams look to continuously drive higher and higher.

From this point it is now the team that is leading and the Leader who is following, bring up the rear, supporting and shouting words of encouragement.

Ultimately, if the leader does a great job, then the leader becomes redundant as the team starts to lead itself.

This should be the goal of every leader, to make their teams self sufficient, then they can look for another team to follow.

Gordon Tredgold

Leadership Principles