Who or What Inspires You?

images-14I wrote a post yesterday about over coming our self limiting beliefs and I got a tremendous amount of positive feedback. People writing to me, telling me how much they needed to hear that, and that I had inspired them to push do more, to not accept limits and to never say never.

During one of the conversations one of the questions I was asked was who or what inspires me and where do I find my inspiration.

Much of what I write about inspires me too, the fact that someone ran 607 marathons in 607 days is a constant reminder to me that we can all do better, that we can all move past self imposed limits.

Inspiration is everywhere we only have to look.

The problem is that bad news sells, so much of what we see on TV or read in news articles is about depressing and uninspiring, it’s created to have us living in fear.

But if you go beyond mainstream media and what we are force fed, there are many, many examples of inspiration.

There are example in front of us everyday, we just need to choose to be open to see it, to want to be inspired.

So who or what inspires me?

My wife inspires me with her smile.

The beauty of nature inspires me.

Music inspires me, when I am running and Eye of the Tiger or the theme from Rocky comes on I always run faster.

Andrew in my local deli inspires me when he tells me about how well he’s doing on his diet.

My friends inspire me with their posts about new jobs and successes that they have had.

Great achievements inspire me. When I see other people achieve success I find it truly inspiring, it makes me want to go out and achieve something too.

Inspiration is contagious, we just need to see and touch enough of it, and then pass it on to others.

Inspiration is everywhere, we just need to be open to it and open our eyes and look!