Why Belief Is The Key To Great Leadership

This is a story that I had never heard before, I know I probably the only person, but still I wanted to share it with you as it’s my belief this is one of the greatest examples of leadership I have ever seen.

It not only shows what leadership is, but also how simple it can be. The impact it can have on those who experience it and the results they achieve.

Although the video title says it’s about Albert Einstein it’s actually about Thomas Edison. Or, more importantly, it’s about his mother.

Belief Breeds Confidence and Success

Leadership is not just about issuing commands, giving direction and making the rules.

Real Leadership is about creating belief in people. Belief in you as a leader. And more importantly in belief themselves, in their capabilities and ability to be more, do more, and achieve more.

Real leadership is about nurturing people, putting them in a position where they can be successful and not only meet their full potential, but quite possibly exceed it.

We can all do more, we can all be better, we can all achieve great things, especially if we have someone who believes in us, and we then believe in ourselves.

This was the gift that Edison’s mother gave to him. She showed that she believed in him, and helped him believe in himself.

This is the greatest gift that you can give to those that follow you. 

Be The Leader That Creates Belief

As Leaders the more you can engage, empower and excite those that follow you, the better the results will be that will be achieved. Creating belief is the path to doing that.

I know this first hand from my own experiences. I have always performed much better when my boss has believed in me. But I struggled to perform when they showed little faith or were negative about what we were doing.

With the teams that I have led, the more confidence I had them, and showed, the more confidence they had in themselves. Confidence, that belief that you will be successful can often become a self fulfilling prophesy.

Maybe not always, but a lack of confidence is often the first step on the path to failure.

Great leaders fan the flames of success, and it is belief that provides the oxygen for that fire to blaze brightly. 

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