Why Customer Education Matters For SaaS Products

If you’re a SaaS company, you’ve got to do more than create high-value product offerings. Not educating your customers’ means you’re missing out on some serious business. Well, you can’t expect all the users to be top-notch techies; hence you should do your bit to educate them. 

According to statistics, 68% of customers state they use products more after training. And 56% utilize more product features than they would without training. It means customer education can help you engage and retain users better. 

So how do you educate your customers? Do they all need the same level of training? How often should you deliver learning material? Before answering these questions, you should understand the significance of customer education for SaaS companies. You’ll be more comfortable with the investment once you know how much it matters, right? Let’s dive in!

Enhances satisfaction and reduces churn

Do you expect all your customers to understand your SaaS products from the word go? You can’t because software can be complex, specifically for newbies with minimal tech skills. If users don’t know how to use your product, they’ll opt out sooner or later. And churn rates are the biggest concern in the competitive landscape. 

Providing your customers with educational resources such as video tutorials, how-to guides, and FAQs can help you increase satisfaction and reduce churn rates.

Builds trust and credibility 

Giving educational resources to SaaS buyers shows them that you care about their ease of use and eventual success with your product.  Further, it demonstrates that you’re an expert in your niche. 

Even better, buyers see your SaaS offering as the real deal. All these factors translate into trust and credibility for your business. Could you ask for more?

Differentiates your product from competitors

Let’s accept it, the SaaS market is crowded, and it’s tough to stand out. Even the best product may not be a huge hit because there are probably many similar options. But Customer Training can be a game-changer as it can differentiate you from others. 

High-quality educational resources can make your offering far better than other providers that do not provide the same level of support. You can use them to empower onboarding and help users throughout their lifecycle with your product.

Increases upsells and cross-sells

If users are educated on the full range of your SaaS offerings, they’re more likely to go for additional purchases. It’s a great way to increase upsells and cross-sells in the long run. 

By providing them with education and training on different features and add-ons, you increase the chances of users upgrading or expanding their usage of your product. It’s a clear win-win! 

Provides valuable feedback and insights

Another reason to invest in customer education is that it opens the door for valuable feedback and insights into your SaaS offerings. When users tap the educational resources, they dig deep and find the strengths and weaknesses of your product.

 You can use the feedback to shape the product development and improvement roadmap and enhance the overall customer experience.

So there you have it, SaaS sellers! Customer education matters for your products and brand, so ensure it’s a part of your offering. Create a training program that sells because it can give your business a winning advantage. Go for it!