Why Giving Back Is The Best

When we give something back, either through supporting people, teaching others, or even just writing and sharing blog posts not only does it help them but it also strengthens our understanding.

If you want to learn and deeply understand a topic, one of the best ways to go about it is by teaching it. This is why giving back is so beneficial, and also good for the soul.

I can honestly say that my understanding of leadership has strengthened immeasurably since I started blogging,  not just because I was writing down my thoughts, but because as I wrote them it got me thinking and asking myself question. Why had some of the thing I had experienced really worked, why had the methods and techniques been successful.

Sometime on the surface its easy to understand but as we dig a little deeper it gives us more understanding, an understanding we wouldn’t have got without going through this sharing process.

Giving back is really a Win Win process, we get to share our experiences and our knowledge and at the same time strengthen and improve it.

Just over a year ago I did some coaching with a young lady, and we were talking about strengths and weaknesses, and she asked me to share my strengths with her, and it was at that point that I realised they were Simplicity, Transparency and Focus which then later allowed me to add Accountability and come up with FAST Leadership.

Prior to that coaching, I would normally have said my strengths were honesty, tenacity, and reliability, which are my strengths also, but they’re not what differentiate me, and it was only through that coaching session, and making someone dig really deep that made me dig deeper.

So as you can see by giving I got something back in return, something that really helped me to better understand myself and also allowed me to move forward and develop my thoughts on FAST Leadership.

So as we give, we also receive, it’s a win win relationship.

Have you ever experienced something like that i’d be very interested to know?


Gordon Tredgold

Leadership Principles