Why Global Corporate Leaders Acclaim Italian Investor Visa

Business leaders acquire a wealth of experience and knowledge over the years. Not surprisingly, newbies consider their advice the Holy Grail in the corporate world. If you plan to start a business abroad, you can look up to leaders who have been there and done it. Italy is one of the favourite destinations of successful international business owners as it has a large and lucrative market. The best part is that the country offers hassle-free immigration with the investor visa. You can collaborate with the team of Investor Visa for Italy LLC to ease the process further. Let us explain why global corporate leaders acclaim the Italian investor visa.

Flexibility with the initial investment

Savvy business leaders look for every way to save money, and it is one reason they prefer the investor visa route for Italian immigration. The Italian investor visa lets you explore a multitude of immigration alternatives instead of spending millions outright. You can check your options and pick the one that works for your spending plans and business budget in the long run. Here are the investment alternatives for an Italian investor visa.

  • A contribution of €250,000 to an innovative startup
  • An investment of €500,000 in an established corporation
  • A donation of €1 million to a public initiative
  • A purchase of €2 million worth of government bonds

A family immigration options

Successful corporate leaders understand the significance of family ties, so they are happy with the way the Italian investor visa works. It lets you get your loved ones along without bringing an additional investment. You only have to provide proof that you can support your dependents while residing in Italy. They get the same resident benefits without extra funding. You can start a thriving business in the country and begin life afresh with your family. Their immigration journey moves along with you as they also qualify for citizenship after being in Italy for a decade.

Funding comes only at the end

Another factor that makes the Italian investor visa a favourite for money-savvy corporate leaders is that funding comes only at the end. You can apply with a bank statement showing proof of funds instead of depositing the money. In fact, funding has to come only after you complete the process, obtain the investor visa, and enter Italy. You can apply for a residence permit right away, and bring in the committed funding within three months of doing so. Commit to retaining the investment for the long haul if you want a second passport eventually. Meanwhile, you can unlock the benefits of visa-free travel to the EU and expand your business in the region.

Business leaders suggest seeking expert assistance to complete the investor visa process without any glitches. These experts support you throughout the journey, from helping you decide on the best investment option to helping you with the documentation. Most importantly, they can assist you with visa renewals and immigration formalities to achieve your citizenship goals down the line.