Why Good Managers Fail To Become Great Leaders

Too often I see good managers who should be able to take that next step to become great leaders fail, and they fail because of a number of reasons. These reasons I share in this video with some tips on what they can do to succeed in taking that next step.

Part of the challenge is that what makes you successful as a manager won’t necessarily make you succeed as a leader. Sometimes you have to let go of what got you here. And use, or develop different skills that are needed to engage, inspire, and empower large teams.


The three keys are control, expertise, and emotional connections.

When you focus on having control you are actually limiting the capability of the team. If everything has to come through you you are now a limitation. We need to delegate control, share it with our teams, the teams have it anyway, but being proactive in sharing it helps to make them accountable.

Your expertise got you here. But as a leader, it’s all about leveraging the expertise in your team. Not being the expert. When you do that it makes your teams feel valued, involved and increases commitment.

Lastly, you manage things, but you lead people. People are emotional beings and we need to engage them on an emotional level. Help them become more connected with the goals, and build their confidence.

Confident teams that are emotionally connected, feel valued, are committed, feel empowered, and accountable always deliver amazing results.


If you like to learn more about transitioning from a good manager to a great leader email me at gordon@gordontredgold.com. And let’s talk about I can help you.