Why It Might Be Time to Stop Planning and Start Taking Action

Pixabay CC0 License

In life, there are all sorts of different occasions where we might want to take on some ambitious new endeavour, or look for ways to significantly change the direction we’re heading in, in one regard or another.

Much of the time, however, we end up becoming totally caught up in the “planning stage,” and may never actually get around to taking action. Or, at least, the action may be massively outweighed by the planning.

If this sounds familiar to you, here are a few reasons why it might just be time to stop planning and to start taking action instead for the sake of a more positive outcome, whether that action is finding a way to make QR code a part of your business, or involves signing up for a class you’ve been putting off.

Because our own thought loops often trick us into staying passive

Sometimes, it’s necessary to deal with tasks and chores that we might not find particularly enjoyable, and that we may not be looking forward to unless we bring in outside help. Things like plumbing issues in the home, for example.

A lot of the time, however, procrastination surrounding these topics is driven and reinforced largely by our own thought loops, that convince us that things are going to be more of a hassle than they actually will.

By the same token, excessive planning and theorising can become creative forms of procrastination in and of themselves. Although it may be tempting to think that you will be able to think and plan your way to a new you, real change always requires action at some point.

Your own thought loops can easily end up becoming self-perpetuating, and can trick you into staying passive.

Because a lot of learning and improvement comes via direct experience

Although it’s certainly possible to learn a lot of valuable things from a theoretical perspective, it’s also the case that many of the lessons that we need to learn when embarking on various endeavours, can only come through direct hands-on experience.

Frequently, the fastest way of accumulating knowledge and insight, and figuring out how and where to improve at whatever it is you’re doing, is by getting started, taking action, and adjusting as you go along.

Reading 100 books about dance will never have as much effect on improving your dancing as joining a dance class will.

Because taking action is a great way of increasing energy and momentum

Whenever you have a particular dream that you want to realise, or a new direction that you want to adopt in your life, generating enough energy and momentum can be one of the biggest challenges standing in your way.

The thing is, energy and momentum are perhaps best increased by taking the first step, and then the next one, and by continuing to take action consistently.

As a general rule of thumb, actions tend to lead to more actions, while plans tend to lead to more plans. Although planning can certainly be very helpful – and in many cases essential – you need to make the jump to taking action if you want the ball to really start rolling.