Why Openness Is Key To Leadership

Openness is key to building strong connections with your teams. The stronger the connections, the more engaged and committed your teams will be, to achieving the goals and objectives.

Openness make you approachable as a leader, which give people the feeling that they are working with you and not for you. 

When you demonstrate openness people will be more likely to bring you information, information which may allow you to avert problems, or at least prevent an issue becoming a crisis.

Openness builds trust and confidence in the leader, and help you appear more humble.

I’ve heard many leaders say I have an open door policy, but having a policy is not the same as being authentically open.

If you’re not open as a person, then people will not feel comfortable about walking through your open door, regardless of any policy you may say you have.

Be open, be approachable, be a better leader