Why The Right Branding is Important


Having spent the last year looking at branding: logos; colour schemes; Mission; Promise; etc. and all of the rest of the things that go into branding, I have now finally finished that journey.

It is an important journey and it’s important to ensure that you end up with a brand that resonates with you, and that you resonate with. To me the latter part is much more important than having the right colour scheme for your brand because of some perceived branding wisdom.

We have to live our brands, we have to be our brands because and when we can do that, thats when people know who we are, what they can expect and that is when the magic starts to happen.

If we don’t really resonate with our brand then we are not going to maximise our impact, and live in authenticity and I know this from personal experience.

When I first started out my brand colours were black, green and white and I liked them, I felt comfortable with them, but in reality those colours were not me.

I am a bold leader,  I  seek results and I seek them FAST. It’s who I am and the colour that represents that is red, but I shied away from it, I thought it was too aggressive. I actually hid behind the colour green. I thought red was too arrogant, but in fact it’s how you live red that determines whether it comes across as arrogant or not.

So initially I was in conflict with my brand and consequently sent conflicting messages about who I was, what I did and how I did it.

With the changes during my branding journey, it allowed me to not only have Red as part of the colour scheme of my brand but also for me to step up and own it. To send clear messages through the way my brand was perceived and through  the way I acted, which were now in congruence with each other.

Not only is the important for potentials clients to understand about who I am, what I do, what I offer and how I act, but it’s also important for me.

With the right branding I present myself with authenticity, and I can relax and be who I am, and when we do that it allows us to be 100% of ourselves and to reach our full potential.

Part of my resistance to Red came form my father, who always said enter quietly and impress people with what you do,  not what you say.

That’s why I chose Green as my main colour. It allowed me to come quietly, but in reality that’s not who I am.

As I mentioned before I am aggressive about getting results, and I am also successful about doing it. I don’t always blow my trumpet loudly as I arrive, but I do want to look to come in and make an immediate impact.

This is why having the right branding is so important, because when we have that we can be aligned with, be true to our brand and branding and when we do that we become so much more influential and impactful.


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