Women In Leadership

Does a woman change her personality when she is in a leadership role?  If so, how does she change?”

When I was asked this question, I wasn’t sure if, as a man, I was the right person to answer it.

So I contacted my friend, Dr Laurie Mattera, of Joyful Souls OnLine, for her opinion on the matter and asked her to answer the question.

Here is what Dr Laurie Mattera had to say:

“I have been in positions of leadership, and I have worked with women in leadership roles.  I’m glad to say that for the most part, women hang on to their unique personalities when they are in a position of power or leadership. 

As with all of these controversial topics, however, much depends on the individuals involved, whether man or woman. 

For example, the women who are respected as leaders and make the most progress are the ones who practice good leadership skills (such as edifying those under their charge and being supportive and positive in their leadership). 

This would hold true for any leader, whether a man or woman.  In my experience, it is rare, but unfortunate, that there are times a woman has to “prove” she can lead as well as a man. 

Some women feel they cannot be feminine in a leadership role, for fear of not being taken seriously.  Others, when assertive, still get labelled as being a “bitch”…I might add this label can come from other women as well as the men she is leading.

Fortunately, it seems we are becoming more accepting of women in leadership roles in America. 

As long as she is good at what she does, incorporates good leadership principles, and sets a good example, a woman need not change her personality in order to succeed.”

Thanks, Laurie, I fully agree with your thoughts.

Let us know whether you felt that had to change your personality once you moved into a leadership role, in order to be successful.

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