5 Smart Ways To Maintain Business Connections During Lockdown

Since the emergence of COVID-19 from last year, the deadly virus has spread like wildfire across the world. Since being officially declared as a pandemic, it has forced many governments globally to adopt stringent preventive mechanisms to protect the population. 

One such measure is the lockdown, which restricts general movement and physical, social interactions. Various economies have come close to total collapse, as they record low revenue and experience a drastic negative effect on businesses, globally. Thanks to technology, businesses can still operate and survive in the lockdown period. Here are some smart ways to keep your business running, make your brand stay relevant, as well as interact with customers, potential clients, and your team.

Be real and stand out

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It is very necessary to stand out amidst competition, especially in challenging times. This is possible when you appreciate your customers and relate or empathize with their needs. This move promotes trust and credibility as it assures your clients to rely on your brand or business to deliver. It is also important to communicate a positive but strong brand image.

Be informative and exciting  

Few people stay or interact with a brand with boring content. It thus becomes very timely to communicate positivity and fun to keep your customers engaged during the lockdown. Share informative and innovative ideas, new skills, and exciting content related to your brand or business and explore new opportunities and leads. Brands in health, fashion, lifestyle, showbiz, and businesses like Vogue, use channels like TikTok, Snapchat to share informative and entertaining content and concepts that engage their clients in challenges relating to their brand and industry.

Be consistent and interactive

Keep social media, emails, telephone, and all digital media active to communicate and connect with your customers. Product or service reviews, suggestions, requests, and purchase orders can be expedited through digital media like Instagram and Twitter, in this time of lockdown and movement restrictions. Live streaming on Facebook, Snapchat, LinkedIn is also helpful. Try as much as possible to be prompt, timely, creative, innovative, captivating, fun, efficient, and concise in information and service delivery. Keep a positive relationship with your clients and staff during this pandemic period.

Employ digital and online marketing strategies

Businesses should take advantage of digital, video, and social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube to engage customers. Email, Chat, or Messaging platforms, Twist, Google Hangouts, Skype, and Zoom, are digital platforms that can promote marketing campaigns and networking activities. It also serves as a channel to engage new clients and challenge and convince them to patronize your brand or business.

Engage employees

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As most companies have gone on the recession as a result of the lockdown and the negative implications of COVID 19, it is important to maintain connection and relationship with your staff and colleagues. You might ask how this is possible. Digital media makes interaction and communication possible for the staff and team, as most workforces have resorted to working from home during the pandemic season. Webinars, virtual network channels, and video conferencing systems can be useful for businesses to keep connections with teammates. Pbx Hosting renders digital support services for companies and their customers.

In light of the above, many share the view that COVID 19 and the lockdown restrictions must influence creative, dynamic, flexible, and innovative ways for businesses to thrive and stay relevant. Not everyone can wait for things to get back to normalcy; meanwhile, stay safe, stay positive, and be smart.