5 Visual Content Marketing Mistakes You Didn’t Know You Were Making

Meta Description: This article identifies the common problems and mistakes encountered by marketers in visual content marketing and distribution. It doesn’t stop there! It also shows you how to overcome these problems and errors, aiming to rack up your website traffic.

Have you ever wondered why your content marketing efforts are not drawing the masses you expected? Do you worry that maybe your writing is not keeping up with what readers want to see? Well, there isn’t a hallowed collection of tricks like the Book of Ra that you can use. 

Content marketing is arguably the golden goose of online media. Anything the masses flock to see online has probably been tailored to appeal to as many people as possible through content marketing. If you are not exploiting this tactic to gather leads and buyer retention, you are missing out on lots of the action. 

When you think about it, online trends change a lot every day. Content creators need to adapt their content marketing strategy to keep them effective continuously. However, it is not as easy as it sounds.

It can be a slippery slope if you don’t pay attention to your content marketing goals. Let’s look at some of the common pitfalls in the way of your content marketing plan.

Lacking Unique Identity

Have you ever looked for a post about a particular topic, but every other article you find talks about the same thing, like a batch of clones? One of the biggest challenges of any content marketing institute is creating unique original content. Do you want to know a neat little trick to get yourself across the content marketing pond?

Skyscrapers! Sometimes when working on the content from reference, it is recommended to build on existing rubrics. Improving reference material simplifies content marketing by providing a solid factual base as well as your unique take on the subject matter. 

For example, if everyone is reviewing video editing mobile apps for Android, you can raise it a notch by adding samples of videos uploaded by users for comparison, making it easier for link building.

Attaching links to the uploaded videos demonstrates quality visual media for your site as well as additional content marketing for your website. This way, you create something that is uniquely your own by stealing like an artist.

Creating Content with No Diversity

Online audiences consume all sorts of media, and each of them has its pros and cons. Reader preferences ought to be considered in content marketing efforts. 

Some of your readers could prefer to watch a video without reading pages of content marketing information. Others would rather scroll through bullet points and get the gist of it all. 

Unfortunately, way too many businesses share text content only, without including downloadable video, pictures, or infographics to spice up their content marketing. To their dismay, their content marketing strategy doesn’t pan out because users aren’t fully engaged with their products or services.

To overcome this, consider adding content about a variety of topics related to your products or services. Maximize your content marketing tools to engage your audience and nudge them into the realm of possibilities they can access while using your products.

Inconsistency of Publication

Content marketing is a classic example of the services we render in volume. Many of the popular blogs and websites post their content on a daily, weekly, or fairly regular basis—the higher the frequency, the better the content marketing traction. 

Audiences grow much faster when you organize our content marketing goals as an editorial calendar. Your work becomes easier to execute, and your readers and followers do not go too long without keeping tabs with you. Imagine how amazing it would be if you could keep your readers hooked, all the while gaining more of them without losing any overtime. With a solid content marketing schedule, you can throttle your bottle as far as you’d like. 

Minimal Focus on Distribution

Would you like to find out how Hollywood blockbusters make such a big splash in the media? Most of the funding in making films go to content marketing. Content creation is only the tip of the iceberg. 

Getting the content to spread is a whole other can of worms. As a rule of thumb, paid distribution should be on your content marketing plan from the beginning, especially if you start with a small media presence. 

The trick to efficient distribution is harnessing the content marketing and promotion assets of whichever platform you are hosted. Most of them offer a means to display your content outside the natural reach of your followers or reference links leading back to you. 

When you think about it, paid promotions massively improve your content marketing ROI (return of investment). Thanks to the additional spread, your products or services will reach a wider audience. The cost of the promotion will pretty much pay itself off with the influx of sales and customer engagements you will receive in return. 

Leaving Your Posts High and Dry

Don’t you love how it feels once you finish your projects and the satisfaction of closing all those tabs you had open for research? It is amazing! 

Well, as every competent content marketing professional knows, the end is where you begin. After posting the media you created, the content marketing work starts by getting everyone to know about it. Stir up some dust because what you want is to go viral. 

Share your work using as many of the current and relevant content marketing trends as you can. Besides, respond swiftly to the comments you get and ask your followers what they think. The responses could be prime feedback material that traditional methods would not reveal to you. 

Another nifty hack is to repurpose your content by including them in newer posts. It siphons views and reactions to older media that nobody would directly find. 

This hack is an absolute win because you do more content marketing with less effort. Always keep in mind that follow-ups drive content marketing because once material sits on the shelf too long, it will not sell as well as you want it too.


As powerful a tool as content marketing is, it can be a deadly minefield if used poorly. How you exploit the tactics you learn can soar you to unimaginable heights or run you into high costs. 

Failures you encounter along the way can be great lessons, especially from the losses of others. Create content that your users can relate to and appreciate its utility in their lives. The trick in content marketing is not to sell them anything, but make them want it enough to get it. 

Nonetheless, mistakes are part of the journey, so add these content marketing plans in your stride and aim for better every time. Please feel free to share your thoughts on any of the common lessons you’ve learned and the cool ways you overcame the hurdles.

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Thomas Glare spends time creating and analyzing visual content. Although he is most focused on business marketing strategies, he is a sucker for viral videos and ads. When he is not telling companies how to create content, he is probably recording and posting embarrassing videos of others on YouTube.