6 Tips to Become a Leader in the eCommerce Industry

Today, we are in the eCommerce tornado, which will become even bigger in the coming years. With the market for eCommerce likely to reach $8.1 trillion by 2026, becoming a leader in the retail space is tough but achievable. Retailers who fail to adapt to the changing norms and don’t deliver depending on the market demands will fail to survive in the competitive landscape. 

To become a leader in your space, we have created six tips to help you:

  • 1. Choose your eCommerce platform wisely

Building an eCommerce business is much more than listing your products on a platform. It’s far more complicated than what you can even imagine. Similar to running a physical retail store, an eCommerce platform requires strategic thinking and planning, and one such technique is using the right eCommerce platform, depending on your business. 

For instance, if you’re a manufacturer, platforms like Shopify may not deliver the required results. A mannufacturing ecommerce solution, such as Sana Commerce comes to your rescue. 

What sets Sana Commerce apart is its ability to provide real-time integration and remove potential data inaccuracies caused by traditional eCommerce solutions. Manufacturers using Sana Commerce usually witness increased efficiency and higher online revenue. 

Sana Commerce provides an easy-to-navigate web store, which helps you convert your prospects into long-term paying customers. 

  • 2. Focus on your landing pages

Your landing pages differ from other web and product pages. Personalizing your eCommerce landing pages is challenging but doable. Making a landing page attractive is essential as your customers see this upon arriving at your eCommerce store.

One way to personalize depends on whether the customer is new or returning. For instance, if it’s a first-time customer, offer them discounts on popular products or products they’re searching for. If it’s a returning customer, send them a specialized welcome-back offer or a personalized image. 

Ensure all your landing pages have only one call-to-action, otherwise, it leads to analysis and paralysis, eventually confusing the reader. 

Focus on achieving one goal with one landing page – it’s one of the best eCommerce marketing tactics. 

Notice how Monday uses the golden rule of 1:1 attention when it comes to landing pages:


  • 3. Automate merchanidising 

Automate merchandising is the art and science that can help you become a leader in your eCommerce field. It tracks specific customer behavior and trends in purchasing, understands online shopping trends, and offers result-oriented suggestions in response. 

This strategy captures critical information, which helps you create a custom shopping experience for your B2B or B2C customers through online product suggestions. 

With this technique, you capture and analyze customer preferences for specific products. As a result, your system predicts and automates product offers and purchasing ideas similar to what your customers want. 

It also provides your customer with cross-sells and up-sells of other products based on the customer’s interest. While your customers can compare similar products, your vendors can easily target specific product displays to your returning customers depending on their needs. 

  • 4. Increase your eCommerce’s search visibility

Improving your eCommerce’s search visibility involves optimizing your store to target long-tail keywords and phrases often sought by customers.

For instance, if you’re an online store selling shoes, create a comprehensive eCommerce content strategy based on the questions posed by potential customers who want to purchase shoes. You can target content to a segmented audience (men, women, and kids) and purposes (such as jogging, running, and sports shoes).

If we take sports shoes as an example and perform a Google search for “how to wash sports shoes at home”, multiple eCommerce vendors appear on the top search. 

You need to understand that search visibility doesn’t happen overnight because building authority on search engines is time-consuming. It’s important to focus on your site’s speed, reliability, and authority to refine your business, improve its search visibility, and eventually become a leader in your field.

  • 5. Upload high-quality images and product descriptions

Images and product descriptions are two differentiating factors that separate a good eCommerce store from a flourishing one. 

Seeing products in detail and understanding their purpose helps a customer make the right decision. Many customers prefer eCommerce stores, allowing them to zoom in on images to decide whether to purchase a product. While you don’t need to hire a professional photographer, just use positive lighting to click stunningly beautiful images. 

High-quality images don’t automatically increase your sales, they instill great trust in your customers. Only when customers relate the product with the realistic image of the product they show eagerness to purchase it without a second thought. 

It might surprise you that many customers believe in eCommerce stores with high-quality images and content.  

  • 6. Perform A/B testing

The objective purpose of A/B testing is to compare two or more versions of your website pages to understand which one performs better. It helps you determine the winner based on the number of conversions every page receives. 

For instance, you can use A/B testing to test different CTAs of your landing pages and discover how various product taxonomies encourage customers to purchase.

When conducting an A/B test, ensure your chosen version improves your content engagement, increases conversions, and reduces cart abandonment rate. Notice how FSAstore.com uses A/B testing to improve its website’s navigation. The first version included an information-packed header, whereas the second version didn’t have the header. 

Interestingly, the company witnessed a 53% increase in revenue per visitor after updating its page.

Start right now

When it comes to your eCommerce store, adopt these tips to start your journey toward reaching the top. Initially, you might commit some mistakes, but that’s natural. Learn from your mistakes. While it’s completely fine to commit new mistakes, never commit the same mistake again and again, as it might prove costly for your eCommerce business. 

Believe in yourself and follow these tips because they help you climb the success ladder much faster.  The longer you wait to implement these strategies, the more challenging it becomes to attract your customers. 

So start your journey today!