Building Credibility: The Foundation of Effective Leadership

The absence of credibility in leadership results in a team’s lack of trust in both the leader and potentially in themselves. In the absence of belief, the likelihood of achieving success is significantly diminished.

When teams have belief in their leader, it increases their belief in themselves, as they know that great leaders get the best out of individuals and also out of their teams, which creates a positive can-do-will-do attitude that all teams need to raise their performance to the next level.

When teams and individuals have belief, it allows them to push that little bit harder as they know their efforts will be rewarded, whereas teams that lack belief are the ones that will quit because they see their efforts as futile. Why put in extra effort if it’s just going to end in failure?

We can create credibility when we join a new company; it’s not impossible. But we need to really focus on it; we need to show tremendous belief in ourselves—not arrogance, but more real conviction. Then we need to create a series of quick wins and achieve some early successes to help build the belief that we need for long-term success. We also need to have a clear plan that the team can understand and believe in.  If the team lacks belief in the leader and also belief in the plan, then they are truly doomed.

And once that cycle sets in, then the teams will look to do whatever they can to help them get the leader they do believe in.  This is the point at which the players start to question the leader publicly, showing that they lack belief. This is a message to the senior management that they need to replace the leader.

So if you want to be considered a leader, it’s good to start by building credibility and building the belief that you will be successful.

It’s also easier for people picking leaders to select those who have credibility.

When we have credibility, selecting us as leaders is a lower risk than selecting someone without credibility.

So if you want to be a successful leader, start by building credibility!

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