Holiday Season Hacks To Prepare Your Mobile App For The Festive Rush

The festive season is approaching, and businesses should prepare for the rush. Think beyond getting your store ready for high foot traffic. Your website also requires a makeover for the holidays. While a responsive website puts you in a good place to target the mobile audience, a mobile app is an even better investment. But you must also optimize it to deliver a top-notch experience to festive shoppers. Remember that they have too many options, so a single flaw in your app’s UX is enough to send them looking for another seller. The best way to avoid it is by preparing your mobile app for the festive rush. Here are some holiday season hacks to entice buyers who love shopping on the go. 

Invest in a festive makeover

Dressing up your app for Christmas is the best place to start because it replicates the buyer’s mood. Switch to a temporary Christmas theme and cover photo to welcome potential buyers. Highlight top products and offers on the banner as shoppers are likely to grab the deals in the festive spirit. Besides investing in a design makeover, update the app description and content. Remember to add the right SEO and ASO keywords to content updates. 

Cover all platforms

Covering all platforms should be your top priority during the festive season because you must reach out to buyers everywhere. If you have only an iOS version running for new, get an Android counterpart up and running before the holidays. Consider it a small investment with big payouts, as it can double your customer base during the season and make them stick for the long haul.

Ensure a flawless UX

A flawless user experience is a key to maximizing mobile sales. In fact, it is even more crucial in the holidays when people are short of time and have long shopping lists to close. Keep mobile testing in your Christmas prep checklist so that you can identify issues and resolve them in time. Slow speed, bugs, and security issues are the last things you want to encounter during the festive season. Test often to ensure the best UX when traffic comes surging in. 

Launch new features

The holiday season is the best time to launch new features if you have app updates in mind. Better features give you a good chance of hooking customers and getting referrals and app shares. Consider ramping up payment methods to facilitate easy shopping during the festive season. Likewise, adding a virtual dressing room to the app enables you to entice customers by giving them a lifelike shopping experience. 

Check your competitors

Since every brand wants to capitalize on the festive mood, you cannot underestimate the competition in the app space. Keeping an eye on their preparations for the season is a great idea. You can go the extra mile by checking the latest mobile app trends and devising your festive strategy accordingly. Besides seeking design inspiration, identify the seasonal keywords your competitors are targeting. 

Preparing your mobile app for the holiday rush may take some effort, but it is the best thing to do for your business. Ensure a festive look and feel, and pay extra attention to performance for the best results.